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Points of Light Podcast with Stan Miller interviewing Grand Primo Nic Ashby and Grand Secretary, Gary Davis.



The members of James Mercury Lodge have chosen the Jewel to mark their 70th Anniversary. Please contact Lodge Secretary, Bro. Paul Smith if you would like to place an order.



Grand Lodge of Cyprus Rule Book Manual of Instruction Ceremony Lectures will be effective from 1st April 2023 following approval by Grand Lodge in Session on Saturday 18th March 2023. The new ‘Rule Book’ will be available to order from your Lodge Secretary at €6 A5 and €8 A4.


Attention All members.

HM King Charles lll Coronation Jewels available shortly. Please order via your City Secretary. Price agreed with supplier €55 per Jewel. We will present the Jewels on Saturday 6th May in conjunction with our Coronation, celebration BBQ at Dhekelia Lodge Room



We are not a secret order, we are an order with secrets. Our greatest secret is our “doing good by stealth”.

Our History

RAOB read about our History Click Here.




The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) Explained
The meaning of being a “BUFF”




Q. What is Buffaloism all about?
The RAOB is one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organization. It is a brotherhood or society of men from all social and economic backgrounds that come together for the sole purpose of not only making themselves better men, but also try to better those with whom they come in contact, not only for themselves but, for the benefit of their families and their communities.

Q. What do Buffaloes do?
One of the primary goals of Buffaloism is self-improvement, which is a natural by-product of a member’s Buffalo experiences and membership. As a fraternal organization, bonds are formed between the members, which can result in lifelong friendships because, we share many similar values, despite coming from tremendously different backgrounds. You could be a company director or perhaps a retired refuse collector, it
makes no difference. All we want is to create harmony between brothers by enlightenment and toleration.

Q. What sort of organisation are we?
We are not a charity, but supporting charities is of prime importance to us. We have our own charitable venture, known as ‘Holiday of a Life time’ a venture that brings underprivileged children to Cyprus for an experience that they could not afford and we hope they will never forget. This has taught us to be especially mindful of those who are less fortunate than ourselves in the community. By a variety of well organised fund- raising events organised by ourselves, consideration is given to many worthwhile and good causes. The size of the beneficiaries of our events is of no importance, whether it be an individual or a substantial registered charity. Giving by stealth is enough, it gives us personal satisfaction.

Q. What does being Philanthropic mean?
Being a philanthropic organisation means we care, and back up that thought with direct actions. You are as important to us as any organisation we help. Once a member, you are part of a brotherhood. Brothers pull together, and if in need we will not turn our backs, we assist and help each other. In addition, Buffalo Lodges are often involved with a variety of charitable and community projects. The range of activities is varied and encompasses people of all ages. Should we make others aware of the good we do, we have chosen to do things by stealth. In conclusion I have to say although, as a men only body, everything we do is always planned to include our wives or girlfriends, after all they are of paramount importance to us, we love them.

Howard Passes: For the Buffs (RAOB)

The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) is a Fraternal, Benevolent and Social Organisation World Wide. It is open to any male over the age of 18, provided he is a “true and loyal supporter of the British Crown and Constitution” and he “enters of his own free will and consent”.

The Grand Lodge of Cyprus thanks you for viewing this site and hopes that you will find the content interesting and informative.

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If you would like to Join the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, please contact:

Grand Secretary Bro. Gary Davis


Mobile: (+357) 97655156

For information and location of the most convenient Lodge for your introduction.

You must be:

Over 18 years of age.


A supporter of the Crown and the constitution.


I am sure that the Grand Secretary is looking forward to hearing from you.

25.7.23– James Mercury Lodge members Dinner in Liopetri for 70 Year Anniversary celebration


30.7.2023– James Mercury Lodge 70th Anniversary BBQ celebrating 70 years since formation of the Lodge.


RAOB GLC Grand Lodge Meeting Saturday 17th June 2023.
(Members can login to the Members section to view Agenda & Minutes).


17th June 2023. Bro. Dave Smith KOM elected to position of Grand Trustee.


Photos from the 2023 H.O.A.L.T. Summer Ball held on Friday 16th June at the LeBay Beach Hotel, Larnaca.


Brother Peter Nadin, ROH, Grand Primo of the Grand Lodge England visits Cyprus and makes his first call at the meeting of the Unity In Cyprus Lodge on Thursday 15th June 2023.


7th June 2023 presentation of the cheque to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, Limassol by Grand Primo 2022, Bro. Stewart Read ROH, assisted by, Grand Primo 2023. Bro. Niclas Ashby ROH, Grand Secretary, Bro. Gary Davis ROH, Bro. David Hawes ROH, Grand Chamberlain, Bro. Ross Thomson KOM and Grand Tyler, Bro. Dave Smith KOM. Recipient, Maria Michael of the Limassol Office. The sum of €1984.94 donated to the beneficiaries representing the funds raised by Brother Stewart and GLC for 2022 GP Appeal.


6.5.2023 Coronation of King Charles lll BBQ


23.4.2023 St George of Cyprus Knights Chapter Medieval Banquet


23.4.2023 & 15.4.2023– RAOB Grand Lodge Northern Ireland Visit to James Mercury & Dhekelia Garrison Lodges


18.3.2023 Grand Lodge Officers ‘Collars’ Dinner, Dhekelia Lodge Room


19.3.23 Dhekelia garrison Lodge, Bro. Chris Caddick and Bro. Roger Hale being presented with their First Degree Jewel by Worthy Primo, Bro. Nic Ashby ROH, GP2023.






18th March 2023 Grand Primo Bro. Nic Ashby ROH, opens the March Grand Lodge Meeting at Dhekelia Lodge Room.






James Mercury Lodge 8599, Grand Primo, Bro. Nic Ashby ROH, visit Tuesday 14th March 2023, Lodge announced 70 years since formation, celebrations to be undertaken in July 2023 with a public BBQ on the Lodge grounds and a formal dinner discussed. A number of Grand Lodge Officials boast James Mercury as their ‘mother Lodge’ Grand Secretary, Gary Davis ROH, Deputy GP, Nof Pashialis KOM, Grand AB, Howard Passes KOM, Grand Treasurer Paul Harper CP (Elected Lodge WP), Grand Constable Alan Gaddass ROH, Grand Minstrel Dave Smith KOM, all in the picture above.



12.3.2023. Grand Primo, Bro. Nic Ashby ROH and his Officers visit Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge based at UKCA Club in Limassol.





8th March 2023, Grand Primo, Bro. Nic Ashby ROH and his Officers of 2023 visit Aphrodite Bitter Lake Lodge in Limassol.







It is customary for an incoming Grand Primo to choose a charity to support and, raise funds for, during his year in office. This year our Grand Primo has chosen a local organisation that is raising awareness of a disease and supporting sufferers and their families.

Our Grand Primo has chosen a local charity which is very dear to his heart. The Alzheimer’s Disease Support Association was founded in 1996 and is based in Larnaca. It is a voluntary, non-profit, body and an approved member of international organizations (Alzheimer Disease International & Alzheimer Europe)

There is a staggering lack of knowledge and understanding about Alzheimer’s, not only here in Cyprus but worldwide. Although this disease is looked upon as reaching epidemic proportions with a recognized total of over 55 million sufferers, with this number expected to treble by 2050, there is no official data on how many people currently in Cyprus suffer with the disease.

This charity currently:

  • Spreads awareness and information about the disease to the public
  • Supports patients with matters of rights, law, welfare, medication and benefits
  • Gives social and psychological support to patients, carers and their families alike.
  • This is just one of many charities which receive no aid from government leaving it to it ‘self and private donations

Please visit their website: https://www.alzheimer-europe,org/about-us/who-we-are/members/cyprus-alzheimer-association


-Horse Riding for the Disabled



-SBA Kindergarten (Cyprus)



This Website is dedicated to Brother Kypros Kypri KOM who died in service on 7th February 2022, after losing a long battle with ill-health, During his 10 years as a member of the R.A.O.B. in Cyprus, including the period of ill heath, he was committed to H.O.A.L.T., James Mercury, Dhekelia Garrison, Unity in Cyprus and Grand Lodge of Cyprus. This Website is an example of Brother Kyp’s enterprise, He will be missed but never forgotten.

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