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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

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Tomb of The Kings 10678 Closed 30th June 2023


14th July 2021 saw the opening and Dedication by Grand Lodge of Cyprus IPGP and his Officers of the new Lodge room to be used by the Tomb Of The Kings Lodge. I was a very warm evening which matched the warm welcome extended by the Lodge and the Members.
The Ceremony was lead by Bro. Mike Humphrey ROH assisted by Bro. Gary Davis KOM, Grand Secretary, Bro. Kypros Kypri KOM, Grand Alderman of Juniper, Bro. Nof Pashialis KOM, Grand Constable, Bro. Stewart Read KOM, Deputy Grand Primo and Bro. John Howard ROH, Grand Alderman of Benevolence. Unfortunately, Bro. Nick Palmer ROH was taken ill prior to the Ceremony and was dearly missed as a Grand Lodge Officer and the Secretary of this Lodge. We wish him well for a speedy recovery.
The Grand Lodge of Cyprus wish the Brethren of Tomb Of The Kings Lodge a long a stable relationship in this new Lodge Room.
New Lodge Room details:
Meetings are 2nd Wednesday Monthly.
PO Box 61131,8131, Paphos, Cyprus, Chlorakas Avenue, Chlorakas 8220, Paphos, Cyprus.
Telephone No. (+357) 26952470
Unfortunately this fine Lodge closed on 30th June 2023, following a vote by the members. This was due to a diminishing membership and long term illness of a couple of members
Please refer any questions or queries regarding this Lodge to the Grand Secretary of Grand Lodge of Cyprus.