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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

Home The James Mercury Lodge No 8599

9th of July 1953 saw the inaugural meeting of the “JAMES MERCURY LODGE No. 8599. There appear to be no records of where this took place, as the lodge had no permanent home. The lodge moved around the island of Cyprus, and it can be said that it owes its survival to the enthusiasm of its founder and early members. Then around 1991or 92  good fortune fell into the laps of the brethren. Having spent some time renting space in Agios Nicolaides base, the authorities there notified the lodge that there was a small building available for rent on the Dhekelia Garrison Base. The building which started life as a small church and ended up as an annex of a military hospital was in need of repair. Fortunately the members had the foresight and determination to want to have a permanent and dedicated Lodge room. Today the James Mercury Lodge is a solid, vibrant and progressive Lodge, leading the way in many of the Buffaloes fund raising and varied social activities.

The Lodge meets on a Tuesday evening every week with regular attendances of 20 to 24 members, and over the last year has attracted  several new members.

As for the building all are very proud of it. It is considered to be the head office of the buffalo movement here in Cyprus and is fitted out as such with an amply stocked bar, a permanently fitted lodge room and the internet.

The James Mercury Lodge room is now home to The Grand Lodge of Cyprus plus two other lodges. It is also the meeting place of our HOLIDAY OF A LIFE TIME COMMITTEE, our own charitable venture.

The future is exciting and bright. For further information and/or if you would like to join us please contact the lodge Secretary Bro Howard Passes CP on 99 348 419 or email