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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

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Grand Lodge of Cyprus Elected Officers 2024

Grand Primo

Bro Nof Pashialis KOM 

Last years deputy Grand Primo, Bro Nof Pashialis,was born in London and moved to Cyprus in 2005. He joined the order in 2014 being initiated into the James Mercury Lodge; He has  served on most of our  committees and been a major player in the GLC since it was formed. His charity appeal this year is called MOVEMBER which deals with mens health and wellbeing both mental and physical.   

Immediate Past Grand Primo

Bro Nic Ashby ROH 

This popular member of our order has enjoyed a very successful year as Grand Primo. Swedish by birth Bro Nic joined the James Mercury Lodge in March 2013. His nominated charity appeal during his year in office was for a local Alzheimer’s charity He raised in excess of €5000, well done! 

Deputy Grand Primo And Grand Trustee

Bro Ray Hill FG ROH 

Being one or our longest serving members, Bro Ray joined the order in 1984’ Time has given him the experience and knowledge needed to take on this important role. He  demonstrated his abilities at the age of 18 when he left home to make his own successful way in the world. He is a member of the James Mercury Lodge and also Dhekelia Garrison Lodge.  

Grand Secretary

Bro Gary Davis ROH 

 A well respected member of the Order, Bro Gary Davis ROH, has held this important office for the last 3 years. Once in Cyprus  he joined the Order in April 2012. He soon became secretary 2 lodges at the same time and then adding  the Cyprus PGL to his portfolio. A major contributor to the formation of GLC he was, and still is the ideal brother to hold this office.   

Grand Treasurer

Bro Paul Harper C.P. 

After leaving South Africa where he was a chef and also a radio announcer, Bro Paul Harper arrived in Cyprus and he joined the James Mercury Lodge in 2019 being raised to C.P. the following year. He is the most influential brother regarding online meetings to the GLC. 

Grand Chamberlain And Grand Trustee

Bro Dave Smith KOM

A fun loving and energetic person, Bro Dave affiliated to The James Mercury Lodge in 2021 and later that year to the Dhekelia Garrison Lodge Originally from Morecombe, Lancashire, he is proud to admit he was educated at the University of Life. Initiated in the Pride of Hastings  Lodge  No 9817 in 1978  he has brought a wealth of experience to us here in Cyprus.  

Grand Alderman of Benevolence

Bro Ross Thomson KOM 

Hard working, dependable and has a passion for lamb chops Brother Ross also believes that  not only if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well, it should be done to the best of your ability. Brother Ross was initiated into the Dhekelia Garrison Lodge in August 2013. He is Secretary of the Holiday of a Life Time committee and also an elected member of the GLMC.

Grand Alderman of Juniper

Bro Stephen Leek ROH 

One could say Bro Stephen travelled the world for a living. This is partialy correct, he did in fact work as a Pastry Chef in 5* hotels around the globe. He emigrated to Cyprus in 1985, met and married his wife in 1987 and in 1996 he joined the Buffs, moved swiftly through the Degrees Exalted to ROH in 2008 

Grand Registrar

Bro Howard Passes KOM 

Having been a member since 2017 Brother Howard has demonstrated his ability to take on whatever is required. Initiated into the James Mercury Lodge, he is currently secretary to the Dhekelia Garrison Lodge, is assistant secretary to another and is also a member of GLMC.

Grand Constable

Bro Steve Gannon 

Born in Chester Bro Steve grew up in a family where several of his uncles were Buffs. It was only natural that after joining the RAF in March 1977 he also joined the Buffs. On leaving the RAF he joined the Police and then went to Germany with the Army. In Cyprus he became PGP in 2014.  He enjoys meetings now as much as he did back in 1977.

Grand Waiter 

Bro Colin Young ROH 

Bro Colin still resides in the UK although he makes regular visits to Cyprus for minor and Grand Lodge meetings. He affiliated in the first place to Dhekelia Garrison Lodge and then within 2 weeks he affiliated to the James Mercury Lodge. Bro Colin is always full of ideas some better than others, he is a great character, we are proud to have him on board. 

Grand Minstrel

Bro Nigel Graham 

Born in Auckland New Zealand, Bro Nigel was determined to see the world. To that end he moved to London and studied to become an Osteopath. On qualifying he set up a practice in Finchley London. He became president of British Osteopathic Association 2003. 2006 moved to Cyprus, initiated into James Mercury Lodge 2019. In 2022 he published his autobiography ‘No Pain No Gain’ 

Grand Tyler

Bro Stewart Read ROH 

Bro Stewart joined the order 2007. He was very active in the Cyprus PGL until the formation of Grand Lodge of Cyprus. Very enthusiastic about his Buffalo career he became Grand Primo 2022. He continues to take an active role in the GLC and is always willing to pass on his guidance to younger and less experienced Brothers.

Grand Trustee

Bro Gary Dickinson ROH 

Brother Gary was the first Grand Primo of the Grand Lodge of Cyprus in 2020. He has just been honoured  by being given a position on the Grand Lodge of England.