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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

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Aphrodite Bitter Lake 8418


Meets every other Wednesday at the UKCA Club in Limassol at 18.00 hours.Aphrodite Lodge No 9573 changed to Aphrodite Bitter Lake Lodge No 8418 in about 1981/82.and is the oldest established Lodge retaining its’ name under the Grand Lodge of Cyprus Banner. Records go back to the 60s and the Lodge was very active in the early years of Holiday of A Lifetime and boasted a very large membership through the decades. They are now very settled and look to expand their membership in the Limassol District. Foir more details please contact the City Secretary, Bro. Stephen Leek, details below:


Secretary: Bro Stephen Leek R.O.H         .Email        Mobile: (+357) 99424421


Venue: UKCA Club, 37 Thermopylon Street, Katholikiki, 3041 Limassol. Phone no: 25344110, Email: