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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

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Grand Primo 2021

Bro. Gary Dickinson KOM 

Born 1966, Hemsworth, Nr. Sheffield, UK.

Member of James Mercury and Dhekelia Garrison Lodges.

Chairman of H.O.A.L.T. Committee

Proprietor, Agrino Bar, Dhekelia, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Joined Order 21st August 2012, James Mercury Lodge 8599

Raised 3rd degree 28th May 2017, Provincial Grand Primo (Cyprus) 2020

IP Grand Primo

Bro. Mike Humphrey ROH

Born 1946, Blackpool UK.

RAF 9th May 1963-28/12/2001, Radar Aircraft Apprentice,

Radar fitter and Aircrew SNCO and Officer.

Electronic Warfare Consultant until 2010.

Now retired settled in Cyprus 2014.

Joined the Order 1st May 1969 Bawdsey Albatross Lodge 9111

Provincial Grand Primo, Cyprus 2019.

Elected ‘Immediate Past Grand Primo‘ 13th December 2020.

Deputy Grand Primo                     

Bro. Stewart Read KOM

Born 1960 Nottinghamshire England.

Member of Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge 10595,

President of Berengaria Knights Chapter.

Profession: retired ( Electronic Eng /Tech )

Joined Order 16th November 2007, Shamal Lodge 9948

Raised 3rd Degree 18th March 2016, Deputy Provincial Grand Primo (Cyprus) 2020

Grand Secretary:

Gary Davis KOM

Born 1956, London, England.

Joined the RAOB in February 2012, James Mercury Lodge.

Retired former Regional Manager with Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Moved to the Island of Cyprus in 2007

Married to Beverley and share 6 children and 13 Grandchildren.

Appointed Grand Secretary on 13th December 2020

Grand Treasurer

Bro. Mark Nowell KOM

Born 1965

Member of Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge 10595

Joined the Order 26th June 2005

Profession: Investment Advisor 3D Global

Raised to 3rd Degree 3rd May 2015,

4th Degree Raising 31st January 2021 to be first in G.L.C. Banner.

Provincial Grand Primo (Cyprus) 2017

President of G.L.C. Examining Council 2021, (PGL, 2019 & 2020)

Provincial Grand Treasurer (Cyprus) 2020.Grand Lodge of England Delegate.

Grand Tyler / Ass Grand Secretary:

Bro. Kypros Kypri KOM

Born 1963 London, England.

Joined the RAOB in October 2015, Dhekelia Garrison Lodge

Moved to the Island of Cyprus in 1999

Ass Grand Secretary Grand Lodge of Cyprus

Secretary Dhekelia Garrison Lodge

Ass Secretary James Mercury Lodge

Secretary Hoalt 2017 – 2020

Secretary St George of Cyprus Knights Chapter

Grand Tyler  2021 Grand Lodge of Cyprus

Grand Chamberlain 

Bro. Niclas Ashby KOM

Born 1968, Alingsas, Sweden.

Member of James Mercury and Dhekelia Garrison Lodges.

Joined Order 26th March 2013. Initiated James Mercury 8599

Profession: Head of Operations, Online Trading.

Hobby: Finding missing parts from IKEA Furniture.

Raised to 3rd Degree, 4th June 2017.

H.O.A.L.T. Committee, GLC. Book Examiner, (PGL Cyprus 2020).

Provincial Grand Chamberlain (Cyprus) 2020.

Grand Alderman of Juniper

Bro. Nick Palmer ROH

Born, a farmer’s son, on the 23rd July 1944, in the village of Pilning, near Bristol.

On the 5th May 1961, joined her Majesty’s Royal Air Force. Trained as a Radio Technician.

Did 51 years with the RAF, 37 in uniform, and the rest as a civilian, working on various RAF stations.

Retired at the age of 68, and moved to live in Cyprus.

Initiated into the order on the 16th November 1972, in the William K. Johnson Lodge No. 8696. At that time it met in Liège, Belgium, with trams!

Elected as the Grand Alderman of Juniper, GLE, in 1997.

Now, in Cyprus, Secretary of the Tomb of the Kings Lodge, of the Berengaria Knights Chapter and of the Cyprus Roll of Honour Assembly. Also a member of the Aphrodite Bitter Lake Lodge.

Hobbies, drinking and playing snooker. Intend to stay in Cyprus forever, with my wife, Diane.

Appointed Cyprus Grand Alderman of Juniper for 2021

Grand Alderman of Benevolence

Bro. John Howard ROH

Born 1946

Member: Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge 10595

Aphrodite Bitter Lake Lodge 8418 and Tomb of the Kings

Lodge 10678. Treasurer of ABL & TPOC Lodges.

Joined Order 5th September 2004, Troodos Pride of Cyprus 10595

Profession: Steward, UKCA Limassol.

Raised to 4th Degree 7th September 2014,

Provincial Grand Primo (Cyprus) 2016, PG Alderman of Benevolence 2020.

Grand Registrar

Bro. Alan Gaddass ROH

Born 1941, Dowdon, County Durham.

Hon. Member James Mercury Lodge, Member Dhekelia Garrison &

Harmony Lodge Scarborough. Past Provincial Grand Primo.

Joined Order 3rd March 1972, Harry Jenkins Lodge (Germany)9785

Profession: Retired, served in Armed Forces and   Royal Mail UK

Hobbies: D.I.Y. and many maintenance jobs for ‘Buffs Lodge room’

Raised to 4th Degree 3rd October 2004. PG Registrar (Cyprus) 2020

A Past President of ROH Assembly, Knights Chapter and Examining Council.

Grand Chamberlain

Bro. Nof Pashialis KOM

Bro. NofPashialis KOM

Born 1968, London, England

Moved to Cyprus 2005

Joined RAOB July 2014, James Mercury Lodge

Grand Constable GLC 2021

Grand Chamberlain GLC 2022

GLMC Member

President of Examining Council

Panel of Instructors James Mercury & Dhekelia Garrison Lodges

Hairdresser since 1985, now semi retired

Married Lorraine in 2017

2 Sons, Chris and Alex who are also in the RAOB

Keen Motorcyclist

Ex Vice President of The Harley Davidson Riders Club CY, Larnaca

Powerboating is the next Challenge

Grand Waiter 

Bro. Ross Thomson KOM

Born 1988, Durban, South Africa.

Member Dhekelia Garrison Lodge 10677

Joined Order 4th August 2013

Initiated Dhekelia Garrison Lodge 10677.

Hobbies: Cooking BBQ food, Rugby and drinking.

Raised to 3rd Degree 13th October 2019

Secretary H.O.A.L.T. Committee

Provincial Grand Waiter (Cyprus) 2020

Grand Minstrel

Bro. Howard Passes CP

Born 1946, Ilford Essex.

Retired Chauffeur Company Director.

Married to Laraine with 2 sons and 3 grandchildren

Moved to Cyprus March 2008

Joined the RAOB, James Mercury Lodge 9th Feb 2016

Appointed Lodge secretary July 2020