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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

Home 2023 Grand Lodge Officers

Grand Primo

Bro Niclas Ashby ROH
Born in Sweden
Joined the Buffs March 2013 Initiated into James Mercury Affiliated to Dhekelia Garrison.
Occupation: Head of operations for online currency trading company. Bro Nic has been an active member, serving on numerous fund raising committees.

Immediate Past Grand Primo

Bro Stewart Read ROH
Joined the Order in 2007 Initiated in Shamal Lodge No:9948
Active in the Cyprus PGL for Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge.
Became Deputy Grand Primo 2021 and Grand Primo 2022

Deputy Grand Primo

Bro Nof Pashialis KOM
Born London in late 60s and moved to Cyprus 2005 Joined James Mercury July 2014. Has served on GLC since its inception.
Currently head of Panel of Instructors and the Holiday of a Life Time Organizing Committee

Grand Secretary

Bro Gary Davis ROH
Initiated in 2012 in James Mercury Lodge.
Became secretary of not one Lodge but two at the same time. In 2019 he added the Cyprus PGL to his portfolio by becoming secretary of that body.
Played a major role in the successful creation of Grand Lodge of Cyprus.

Grand Treasurer

Bro Paul Harper C.P.
Born and educated in South Africa he qualified as, and became successful as a Chef.
Having joined the Order in 2020, and raised to only 6 months, he is our newest recruit to Grand Lodge. He was instrumental in promoting online Audio-Visual minor Lodge meetings

Grand Chamberlain

Bro Ross Thomson KOM
Initiated 2013 in the Dhekelia Garrison Lodge NO 10677. He is president of knights chapter and secretary of H.O.A.L.T. committee, also an elected member of GLMC in 2022

Grand Alderman of Benevolence

Bro Howard Passes KOM
Born and lived in London, moved to Cyprus 2008. Joined James Mercury Lodge 2016. Became secretary in 2020 and affiliated to Dhekelia Garrison Lodge to be secretary. Served on HOALT and infrastructure committee, now 3 yrs as GLC member and now on GLMC with responsibility of website

Grand Alderman of Juniper

Bro Mark Nowell ROH
Joined order 2005 in Troodos Pride of Cyprus Lodge NO 10595. Became PGP of Cyprus PGL and president in 2019 of Examining Council for 3 yrs, and then Grand Treasurer.

Grand Registrar

Bro Nigel Graham C.P.

Born Auckland New Zealand, trained 5yrs as Osteopath, important member of British Osteopathic Association from 1992. Became President 2006, moved to Cyprus 2003, joined the Buffs 2019. 2022 wrote and published my biography ‘No Pain No Gain ‘

Grand Constable and Trustee

Bro Alan Gaddass ROH
Born Dowdon Co Durham, joined Order 1972 in the Harry Jenkins Lodge 9785 Germany. Honorary member of James Mercury Lodge NO 8599 and affiliated to several other Lodges. Has served as PG registrar and President of Examining Council and Knights Chapter.

Grand Minstrel

Bro Colin Young ROH
A UK resident, this brother is an affiliated member of both DGL and JML, which he attends regularly via Zoom. Attends GLE meetings and is a delegate for ACSS. Enjoys trips to Cyprus for our GLC meetings and also meeting the many GLE members, who attend these occasions.

Grand Tyler

Bro Dave Smith KOM
Born in Morcombe UK, joined the Order in 1978 in the Pride of Hastings Lodge NO 9817. Educated at the University of Life, became an electrician and then owned several restaurants. Retired to Cyprus affiliated to DGL and JML in 2021. A very active member in nearly all Lodge activities.

Grand Waiter And Grand Trustee

Bro Ray Hill ROH
Born in Putney, at 18 moved out of parents’ house. Joined the Order in 1984 in the Albert Lodge NO 4780. Occupations include working for London Transport and the Royal Mail. Has also been a PGP. Second time in this role as a Trustee.

Grand Trustee

Bro Garry Dickinson ROH
Our first Grand Primo in 2021. He joined the Order in 2012 initiated into James Mercury Lodge. He very soon became smitten with H.O.A.L.T. and joined the committee, only to become its President for 8 yrs. He is now GLC delegate to GLE.