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The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

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Grand Lodge of Cyprus Infrastructure Committee

The Head Office of the Grand Lodge of Cyprus is ‘The Buffs’ Lodge Room, Dhekelia Garrison SBA, Dhekelia and is rented by the James Mercury Lodge from the British Army on a 5 Year, renewable  Lease. The James Mercury Lodge have willingly accommodated the Dhekelia Garrison Lodge since 2009, Unity in Cyprus in 2020 and now in 2021, the Grand Lodge of Cyprus.

With the lease comes a great deal of responsibility for the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of the accommodation. It has a fully stocked working bar, bathroom facilities, kitchen and a large spacious and comfortable main room which is used for meetings. In the main, the running costs of water, electricity, rent and insurance are covered by profits from the bar and any shortfalls covered equally with the ‘Lodgers’ who utilise the facilities.

On renewal of the Lease in 2019 it was decided to invest in the infrastructure of the building and a Committee of capable brethren was formed to spearhead the project.


Infrastructure Committee:

Chairman: Bro. Ray Hill ROH.

Bro. Nof Pashialis KOM

Bro. Nic Ashby KOM

Bro. Roy Cordon

Bro. Ian Stewart

Bro. Barry Hornblow.


January 2020

Current Projects:



Conversion of small storage area to a Bar store for refrigerators and freezer for bar stock and storage of bottle beers and mixers. Door access to bar which improves efficiency and convenience.


With the fridges and freezers moved from the larger storage area, this will now be utilised as a kitchen, fully serviced with gas, electric and water supply.



A large container has been purchased and placed convenient for access and is additional storage for outside furniture used for summer functions.


They have acquired, free of rent, additional space, again conveniently located for storage of records of the Lodges and stationery.


There is good sized green area at sides and front of the Building which the Committee are planning to exploit for the benefit of the Order and guests. A memorial garden area, fully furnished and providing outside dining facilities.


Bro Ray Hill says“The Committee has liaised with the Camp Quarter Master for approval of all the projects they wanted to do. After input from the members it was agreed that the most important things were to clear the area outside the building to create a memorial garden with a BBQ, Cyprus oven, seating and tables. We needed to obtain a container to keep everything in. We also needed to create an office space for all our new records and other paperwork. Within the Lodge we needed to change the kitchen arrangement, improve the toilet facilities and bar area.
This was all approved and agreed with the MOD. They even said they would help us with the outside.Clearance as well.”


Well done Brother Ray and your Committee, you appear well underway to achieving your goals and the requirements of the members who you have continued to keep updated. We look forward to further updates which we will post in the area of the Web site..